Van Nuys Chiropractor Review | Peripheral Neuropathy Relief | Skyline Health Group

A REAL SUCCESS STORY !! I’m Gene, 78 years old and a retired college professor (CSUN, USC). I came to Skyline because, after searching the web, I found they offered Hakomed treatments for periphial neuropathy. I suffered from this for 20 years and seven different medical doctors said there was no treatment, except possible, complex blood supply surgery for (PAD) Periphial Artery Disease. My feet always burned and were swollen and red. Most nights I couldn’t sleep and was in constant pain. After 10 weeks of Hakomed treatments (3 times a week for 1 hour), I was significantly better; not cured, but better to the point were my feet burned only once in a while and I could sleep most nights. It was an amazing result and I was delighted. We continue with treatments as needed. The office is clean and neat; prices are very reasonable and Dr. Silva is a joy to work with. He helped me purchase a set of Healthlights (infared light treatments for my legs and feet) for continued home use. I will continue to visit him for any other chiropractic needs if required. I highly recommend him with no reservations. He is a true professional with outstanding knowledge.

– Gene O.

Skyline Health Group



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